Tiger Taekwondo


Tiger Classes in 2019

Tiger Taekwondo classes will be starting again.  The classes will be held At AVENUES EARLY LEARNING CENTRE in Camp Hill. The classes are for high 3-5 year olds and will be run at the Early Learning Centre. There is a seating area inside for parents who can sit and have a coffee whilst the classes are being held under the beautiful brand new outdoor play area. You don’t need to have your child attending Avenues as all general public are welcome to come join our Tigers program. The classes will be run every Friday throughout the school term from 9.30am to 10.10 am and cost $10 per class. Numbers are extremely limited for our Tiger program so get in quick.

Tiger Tae Kwon Do is for children 3 ½ to 5 years of age. These classes are specifically designed to give young students a head start for their schooling by developing a sense of their mind and body and how to control it. They will learn essential skills that will improve their balance, coordination, concentration and listening skills. They are not taught to kick and punch, these skills will be taught in their future involvement in martial art training.  These classes also focus on developing student’s self-confidence, self-esteem, self-control, and strength, which is so important for growing children.

The Australian School of Taekwondo Tiger program has been developed over many years to teach the importance of health and fitness through a fun and challenging program. This 40-minute class teaches the Tigers the necessary skills needed to become respectful and disciplined students.  The Instructors for the Tiger’s program are all current students with Australian School of Taekwondo. Our Tiger instructors are passionate, dedicated and highly qualified. The Chief Instructor is also involved in the running of the Tiger program and will be present to conduct their tests and award them with their new belts.

As we are a Tae Kwon-Do school, self-defense is incorporated into our program.  However, Tigers only focus on how to block correctly and how to use their voice and body to remove themselves from potentially harmful situations.  We use role play in our classes to simulate scenarios that may be deemed dangerous, so our Tigers know what to do if they ever feel threatened or scared.  It is important to note that our Tigers do not learn how to kick and punch at this young age.

The Tiger’s program is broken up into six levels which are characterised by different coloured belts.  Each level is taught over a ten-week program. The Tigers will be given a card that we will stamp every lesson to track their progress.  Once they have completed ten weeks worth of lessons, they will be ready for a grading test that will be held in class time.  This allows for the Tiger’s confidence to grow as they demonstrate their skills in front of their parents/caregivers and the Chief Instructor.

The Tigers will learn four techniques for each belt that they will practice every lesson, this is what they will be tested on after ten weeks to obtain their new belt. It is important to note that if a Tiger misses a week of training, they can make it up the week later and still be on track to do their test at the end of the ten-week interval.  The Tigers classes are a worthwhile stepping stone to enrolling your child into Children’s classes in the future.