Childrens Class


Our Children’s classes are for students who are 5 to 12 years of age.  They are introduced to Tae Kwon-Do as a form of self-defense.  This program is taught in a fun, yet disciplined environment.  All students of Australian School of Taekwondo are taught that physical contact is not the way to deal with challenging situations that may arise. Children are taught to use their smarts and not their fists.

Students will learn proper technique and control in Tae Kwon-Do.  This involves them learning basic blocking and self-defence techniques and exercises.  Once students have reached a certain level of ability, they will move into free sparring simulations where students kick, punch and block in a controlled manner.  Our classes are mostly non-contact however there is a necessity to use contact once students are training in blocking and deflections.

Our classes are delivered in a personalised way, our instructors take the time and are patient with their students so that they can perfect techniques.  We have a very high standard at Australian School of Taekwondo that is second to none, your child will have the best possible training there is this form of martial art.  We deliberately avoid competitions as we prefer to focus on the provision of realistic defence skills rather than seeing Tae Kwon-Do as a competitive sport.  We work with each student at their own pace, making the training fun but at the same time, vastly improving fitness, flexibility, muscle tone, energy levels and reducing stress and toning the body.