Teen/Adults Class


The teenage and adult classes focus on the practical and technical aspects of our martial art.  Students will learn powerful striking techniques that incorporate the use of the whole body in a safe environment.  These classes are run to suit all levels, from beginner to expert.   You will learn how to defend yourself and be taught how to create training programs for yourself to run in your own time to improve your overall fitness and self-confidence.  Students from as young as eleven can be introduced in to this class, body and maturity permitting.

When we teach Tae Kwon-Do, we engage the mind and body so that new skills are learned and understood.  Unlike working out the gym, you are not just strengthening your body but working in sync to give a solid and lasting change to your whole psyche.  We will show you how to achieve different ‘belt’ levels, setting your sights on goals that would have before appeared to be unattainable.  Your new confidence will not only improve your physical and mental fitness but will transfer through to all essential elements of your life, such as work, study and even relationships.

At Australian School of Taekwondo you will learn to block, evade situations, control attacks and then counter them with powerful self defence tactics.  Once you have reached a certain level of ability, you will begin free sparring against other students.  Forget head gear and gloves, you don’t wear these in your everyday life, so it is important to know what to do when you are faced with a dangerous situation.  You will learn how to train your body to be able to execute techniques that you never thought possible.

Australian School of Taekwondo teenage and adult program can turn anyone that is willing to train hard enough into a black belt, as long as they have the correct mindset.  So if you’re wanting to change your life, contact us.  It is never too late to begin.